Works for Me Wednesday – Kicksend

My kids have creative teachers. Since I am, by profession, also a teacher, I can appreciate creativity and projects that get the imagination flowing.

But honestly, sometimes, these projects drive me crazy.

“Create a replica of a native American home using materials found in your back yard.” They know I live in urban America, not Native America, right?

“Make a 3D model of a battle of the French Revolution on a 2 foot square foam board.” We have more Legos that I know what to do with, but not that many…

“Create a costume from your child’s country that a child from that country would wear on Christmas day, and learn a tradition from that country and how to say ‘Merry Christmas’ in that language.” Doesn’t everyone just wear pajamas all day on Christmas? Can I send my kid to school in pajamas?

Ok…I’m being harsh on our teachers, but inevitably my kids have a project that involved taking a picture of something and having it printed out which was a total hassle! I take the pics (usually on my phone). Connect the phone to the computer. Try to print it out on the home printer, only to realize that we are out of ink. (We are always out of ink) Try to upload the pics to the CVS or Walgreens website. Growl because I can’t remember my login for my CVS account. Reset the password….. and on and on and on it goes.
Blog post kick send

Enter Kicksend. It’s a free app. You don’t have to have an ID or login or password or anything. It uses your location to determine which stores near you have photo processing services. You choose your store, choose your photos, and choose your size and quantity.

Blog post kick send

Blog post kick send

You review your order and see the price. And once your place your order, it’s ready in an hour, and you pay for it in store.

Blog post kick send

I’ve found that places like Walgreens are even offering 4×4 printing for my super cute Instagram pics. There’s even a way you can have pics sent to friends and family members with free shipping through Kicksend.

So…stop grumbling under your breath at the teachers of this world. Use technology like Kicksend to outsmart them. Do you have any apps that make homework time easier?


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